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Birthday Bimble to the Mindora

It’s my birthday on Saturday 5th February and good news, Dover tide times suggest we can get a dive that day. High Water is 14.00am, so a plunge time around 12.00noon, meet time around 10.00am and ropes off around 10.30am. We’ll be back in the marina around 14.30pm so I can be back home that evening for my birthday tea.My plan would is to drive down and back in a day. Arrive at the marina about 09.00am to kit up and get a parking permit. Maybe a little earlier if we want breakfast at the Happy Chef cafe.Not a problem, however this is the (so called) dirty tide, flooding from the North Sea. Also we are just coming out of springs, but still should have a lot of enough slack. This is the same profile I dived the Mindora on the 27th December.Read more about the Mindora and her collision with the Khersonese.There is a dive for the Sunday too, but I’m not going to be able to stay the night. So just one day for me.


05 Feb 2023


All Day




Mutiny Diving - Dover
Dover Marina, Harbour House, Marine Parade, CT17 9BU.


Mark Lewis