Red Sea Tech Trek 2024

Red Sea Wreck Trek 2024


Subsequent to a cracking week’s diving in the Red Sea last month, a few of us came up with the idea of a bespoke wreck week in the Red Sea in 2024. There are three iconic wrecks of the Salem Express, Thistlegorm and Rosalie Moller for which there is never enough time to explore these magnificent sites.

During this trip, we also dived the very pretty SS Kingston [+1881] for the first time and having not heard of her before, spent time researching the site. What became apparent quite quickly, was the abundance of other wrecks in the Red Sea that we have neither dived or indeed heard of. The plan was thus set to try and plan a bespoke itinerary to negate the reefs and focus on wrecks.

MV Fred Scaramoni in 1977
MV Fred Scaramoni in 1977

The ‘Salem Express’ was launched in France in 1966 under the name ‘Fred Scamaroni’, a French WWII hero and was a roll-on, roll-off ferry for vehicles and passengers in the Mediterranean. She was 100m long and 18m wide. In 1988 she was sold to the Samatour Shipping Company and started running trips between Safaga and Jeddah under the name ‘Salem Express’.

Initial Budget

Thinking of the good, better, best principle, we have talked about the two newer dive vessels of Eclipse and Turquoise which we think are the top end of best range and out of the budget for most. Thinking of a good dive boat (something like from which we have returned), and 24 divers, a base price will be around £666 for a week. With 12 divers £1,333. For the better vessel, are are talking £917 for 24 and £1,834 for 12 divers. Twelve divers would equate a cabin to yourself while 24 would mean a cabin share.

Agent recommendation is 18 divers for ample space on the dive deck, so £888 to £1,222 per diver as a base price for seven nights on a full board basis, all diving with ali 11 cylinder on air. Recommendation is that around £350 is added as an all inclusive package to include transfers, gratuities, fuel surcharge, marine park fees, all nitrox, upgrade of ali 11’s to single 15 litre steel, banded twins or two sidemount cylinders, each with a bailout or deco cylinder. 

Initial budget consideration is thus £1,238 to £1,572 as an all inclusive package. Please note that payment to the charter will be made in Euro, so we will need to consider FX rates. Before we fix a price, we may ask that you pay the organisers in Euro.

SS Rosalie Moller
SS Rosalie Moller

Some say that the Rosalie Moller is the sister ship of the Thistlegorm. This is incorrect. Official number 128015 and named originally the SS Francis, she was built by Barclay, Curle & Co. Ltd of Glasgow and launched 1909. As the Rosalie Moller in 1939, she was requisitioned by Ministry of War Transport as a collier. The SS Thistlegorm was built by J L Thompson & Sons Ltd of Sunderland and launched 1940.

Outline Plan

The plan is a 100% wreck site itinerary to include the classics of the the MV Salem Express, SS Thistlegorm and SS Rosalie Moller; minimum two dives on each. Options will be either the SS Aida and SS Numidia on the Brothers in the south or up to the SS Turkia in the north. We will add other lesser dived wrecks such as the SS Macrobrunner, MV Seastar, MV Tamara II, SS Kingston and the SS Ulysses to the itinerary. The plan will prioritise sites where we can dive boat to boat and minimise the use of Zodiacs.

Although not promoted as a technical diving trip, all divers should be comfortable in the 30m to 40m depth range. Those who are technically qualified can extend their depths or bottom time on all sites that allow.

Planned Sites

MV Pride Of Al Salam
SS Turkia
MV Talita
MV Muhaisna

Ideal Dates

22nd June 2024 / 29th June 2024

The dive season in the Red Sea is September, October and December. Our suggested dates are to be late June 2024 which is less busy and a neap week to minimise any currents. Weather is obviously hotter but with longer days and less wind, surface conditions are more favourable. This late June date is planned to miss hiked flight prices of school holidays. 

We have a chicken and egg scenario as we need diver numbers to query boat availability and based on which boat, we can then confirm pricing. 

Outline Logistics

You will need to arrive at the boat on Saturday June 22nd 2024 and depart the following Saturday 29th June 2024. Neap is Friday 28th June, so we will likely dive the Thistlegorm and Rosalie Moller on the Thursday and neap Friday. There will be one reef check dive on the Sunday first thing and one or two wreck dives followed by two to three wreck dives a day for the following five days. I cannot confirm right now, but I would expect a night dive on the Thistlegorm and possibly the Salem Express. Itinerary is subject to change due to any inclement weather conditions, but we have primary targets including:

Your responsibility will be to make your own way to Hurghada and arrive at the boat no later than the afternoon of Saturday 22nd June 2024. If we can get away for a check dive this Saturday evening, we will. Don’t forget this is midsummer and we will have long daylight. You may wish to extend your stay with a hotel either side of the liveaboard. Flights and hotel costs are your own responsibility and budget. Airport or hotel transfer to and from the boat is included. Not from airport to hotel or hotel to airport. Flight and hotel recommendations will be made closer to the date.

Diver Numbers

We are planning to host 18 divers for this trip. Most boats have 12 twin berth cabins, so 24 divers. Us five organisers will take a cabin as a single berth. Couples and buddy pairs will be allocated a shared cabin. From all solo travellers, we will randomly select three divers as single occupancy and pair a cabin berth for the remaining.


Payment will include an initial deposit to secure your place, an interim payment and final payment no later that three months prior to the departure date. Normal diver payment etiquette applies and once you have paid your deposit, you are committed to paying the interim and final balance. It is recommended you take out holiday insurance in case you need to cancel.

How To Book

There are five organisers of this trip; Robbie Musallam, Sergey Kobzar, Alex Valenzia, Nick Smith and Mark Lewis. This is strictly an invitation only trip. Please contact either of these divers 


Other than single occupancy of a cabin, no organiser will have any other reward. All discounts, savings and subsidies will be shared between all divers. 


For the avoidance of doubt and especially for UK travellers, this trip is not a package holiday and is therefore not ABTA and ATOL protected. You will make your own flight, transport and accommodation arrangements. The organisers will arrange the liveaboard and diving element of the trip only. It is recommended that you obtain a comprehensive holiday insurance to cover any and all disruptions to any part of the trip.


Iteration #1 : Last updated 1st December 2022



22 - 29 Jun 2024


All Day




Old Sheraton Marina - Hurghada
Old Sheraton Marina - Hurghada
Red Sea Governorate 1963602, Hurghada, Egypt

The Old Sheraton is what it says; old and dilapidated. The word "marina" is stretched; call it a pier. There is nothing there, no facilities at all. Once you arrive at the Old Sheraton Marina, this is where your liveaboard starts. If you do want some evening entertainment on your first or last night, take a 10 minute taxi ride to the new Marina. Taxis are plentiful on the main road.


Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis