Black Thursday - Colliers Sunk In English Channel In Air Raid

Special Interest : Black Thursday Anniversary Diving

The 25th July 1940 was a Thursday and early that morning, the weather report showed overnight rain periods expecting to clear and give way to a fine day with only a thin layer of cloud. Consisting of 21 vessels, Convoy CW8 was heading west through the Dover Straits with cargos including coal and coke for the factories of Southern England. This day was a disaster for the convoy as they were pounded by heavy guns from the French coastline, while German Stuka dive-bombers from new French airfields attacked the vessels in transit to Portsmouth. Fought off by the RAF, the Luftwaffe sank five vessels that day with the Kriegsmarine sinking three more on the 26th off the Sussex Coastline.

Named “Black Thursday”, the air battle was said to be watched by scores of people from Abbott’s Cliff, Dover. Ultimately the convoy was badly attacked losing six merchant ships of SS Leo, SS Henry Moon, SS Corhaven, SS Polgrange, SS Portslade and SS Summity to bombs, with two escorting destroyers and four other merchant vessels damaged. During the following day, the remains of the convoy were attacked by German Kriegsmarine S-boats which claimed a further three victims of SS London Trader, SS Broadhurst and SS Lulonga from the S-19, S-20 and S-27 S-boats.

Over these three days of diving, we plan to make an anniversary dive to these five colliers of:

This would make an excellent three day diving summer short break. The cost of these individual dives will be £50.00 each. With an early start, High Water times suggest we can make six dives these three days.

To book onto these dives, please text Chris Webb on 07889 821266.


25 - 27 Jul 2022


All Day




Mutiny Diving - Dover
Dover Marina, Harbour House, Marine Parade, CT17 9BU.


Chris Webb
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