SS Cuvier Crockery

Special Interest : SS Cuvier

Suggesting this to be a one dive day, plunge time will likely be 10.30am. Ropes off to be announced closer to the time, but for planning assume it to be between 08.00am to 08.30am on this neap weekend. There is a possibility of a local dive late afternoon if there is enough interest.
Suggested as one of the best shipwrecks in the Channel, the SS Cuvier sits around 47m to the seabed, sitting around 15m proud to some 33m on her decks. Visibility in this area typically varies between very good to excellent and in the right light, photographers can expect some great shots.
Those wishing to find artefacts will likely be happy with finds of crockery from the stern holds of around 35m. The holds are very silty, so line in and out if unsure.
Recommended as a technical dive, the 33m deck is within recreational limits but watch your NDL. A bailout stage or Pony is recommended.
Ascent will be back and up the shot as we are within the shipping lanes.
As an offshore wreck, the price is £70.00 and is a good 80 minutes transit. Divers should also note that being a distant site, wind and wave conditions must be in our favour, so please do not be disappointed if this dive is “called”. If so, then we may be able to dive a nearer inshore wreck.
Hot by the Norwegian steamer SS Dovre, of the 30 crew, there were only three survivors.
The Loss Of The Cuvier – A Survivors Statement – Shields Daily Gazette – Monday 12 March 1900:
“A Lloyds telegram from Calais states that three men from the steamship Cuvier were landed there by the steamship Windsor and were taken from a capsised boat at 7.00am that day. The man Crick was inside it and a hold had to be cut to get him out. Crick states that the red light of the colliding steamer was visible and she struck the Cuvier on the starboard quarter and is supposed then to have stood away. She was a two masted steamer, but her funnel could not be made out as the night was dark although clear. The Cuvier blew her whistle for assistance and shortly after settled down by the stern and sank. Then captain and third mate were seen to jump from the bridge, but most of the men were below in their bunks. No hopes are entertained for the safety of the remainder of the crew of the Cuvier.”


22 Jul 2022


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