Probably the world’s second deepest, but certainly Germany’s deepest post box is located 19m below the surface at the award winning “Chalk Lake” at Tauchbasis Kreidesee, Hemmoor.

The lake is open to divers only (no swimmers). With a maximum depth of 60m and numerous attractions, the lake is well suited for both recreational and technical diving alike. Cited as a “Disneyland for Divers”, Kreidesee is some 50 miles north of Hamburg, with water temperatures hovering around 14degC throughout the year and up to 30m visibility.

Waterproof postcards and pens are available from the dive shop, with the “postman” slipping into a drysuit for a once a week collection. Back on land, each card is dried, provided with sufficient postage and then taken to the nearest postal distribution centre for posting. These underwater greetings are very popular, posting all over Europe and internationally to the USA and Japan!

Anyone game for a visit?