Final dive with the UK Scuba Singles That Mingle group on the MV Zenobia [+1980]. We have been here for the last week and hosted by Dive-In of Larnaca. We have been a mixed group of abilities and today was the day I was paired up with dive guide Gill of Dive-In who would take me on a personalised tour through the various depths and internal routes of this massive ship. Having dived her a total of eight times this week and eighteen times in total, she never fails to impress. Next year will be the 40th anniversary of her sinking and for sure, a date for the diary!

Run time 59 minutes to maximum depth 41 metres with 17 minutes accelerated deco. Descended from the propellers to the seabed at the stern of the ship to collect shells, then through the kissing lorries via the eggs to smorgasbord of Lion Fish. Ascend to the bone lorry and through upper car deck again to swim through lift shaft, laundry room, via the bridge and exit back to the stern. Very relaxed at 18degC and 20 metres visibility.

Thanks and shout out to all the guys at Dive-In and especially dive guide Gill for a brilliant eight dives!