The SS Clan MacVey was sunk 100 years ago today by the notorious Johanles Lohs and U-boat SM UB-57.

Apparently known locally as the ‘Sand’ Macvey due to it’s submergence by sand, with a cracking 6 to 8 metres visibility, a balmy 20degC and flat calm seas made a perfect dive on the Clan Macvey, sunk by torpedo on 8th August 1918, exactly 100 years ago. I’m surprised that the diving community has not made more centennial anniversary dives this year. The ship’s skeleton structures emerged from the sand together with the protruding propshaft and other metalwork. Some snotty plankton in the water scuttled wider angled shots, but here are some snaps of the smorgasbord of marine life on the wreck as we traversed the whole bow to stern.