The three steamers Equity, Liberty and Unity were acquired from the Co-Operative Wholesale Society in 1906; they had been built in 1888, 1900 and 1902 respectively for Goole-Hamburg services. Unity was a war loss in 1918, the others survived until 1932, when they were sold to Italian owners.

Built by Murdoch & Murray, Port Glasgow in 1902 and owned at the time of her loss by Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Company, Goole, the SS Unity was a British steamer of 1,091 tons. On 2nd May 1918, she was on a voyage from Newhaven to Calais with a cargo of ordinance and sunk by the German submarine UB57, 9 miles southeast of Folkestone. Twelve lives were lost though her Captain was amongst the survivors.

Lives Lost

  • Ernest Henry Appleyard, aged 37. Fireman. Son of Ruth Appleyard and the late Godfrey Appleyard. Husband of Mary Ellen Appleyard (nee Lloyd) of 167, Dale Street, Shipley, Yorkshire. Born at Goole.
  • William Goodall Bateman, aged 24. Fireman. Son of the late George Henry and Jane Elizabeth Bateman. Husband of Sophia Bateman (nee Burden) of 85, South Street, Goole, Yorks. Born at Goole.
  • Edward Creaser aged 32. Able Seaman. Son of Harriet Creaser and the late Francis Creaser. Husband of Eva Creaser (nee Bramham) of 20 Fifth Avenue, Goole, Yorks. Born at Doncaster.
  • Thomas William Gibson (Served as George Wilson), aged 42. Fireman. Son of Joseph and Mary Ann Coulson Gibson (nee Dunbabin) of 98, Major Road, Stratford, London.
  • James Charles Hansome aged 18. Fireman. Son of Charles James and Rosanna Hansome of 35, Chapel Street, Newhaven, Sussex. Born at Brighton.
  • Fred Hounslow Heterick aged 48. Chief Officer. Son of the late John George and Adelaide Heterick. Husband of Harriet Elizabeth Heterick (nee Simmons) of 44, Brough Street, Goole, Yorks. Born at Hull.
  • John Jones aged 34. Fireman. Born at Holyhead.
  • John Rockett aged 65. Able Seaman. Son of the late Matthew Rockett. Born at Brotherton, Yorks.
  • Thompson aged 39. Chief Engineer. Husband of Olive Thompson, of 6, Spring Gardens, Hook Road, Goole, Yorks. Born at Goole.
  • John Walsh aged 22. Leading Seaman (no. 8200A). Son of Martin and Mary Walsh of Long Walk, Galway.
  • Seth West aged 20. Able Seaman (no. Bristol/Z/5758). Son of John Graham West and Martha West of 30, Hobson Drive, Ilkeston, Derbyshire.
  • Edward Frederick Whitehead aged 46. Fireman. Son of the late John and Elizabeth Whitehead. Husband of Ruth Rebecca Whitehead (nee Robinson) of 71, Pasture Road, Goole, Yorks. Born at Adlingfleet.

The Wreck Today – Canterbury Divers

"This is a fantastic wreck being upright and intact in a max depth of 40m and a general depth to the decks of 32-35m. The wreck does not look to have been swept and most of the deck fixtures and fittings are very easy to recognise. There are breaks at both ends and cargo has spilled out, you can travel the wreck at 32m and drop down to 35m in these breaks. To get deeper you need to drop into the scour at the side or stern. The wreck teams with sealife including lobster, crab, conga eels, cuttlefish and there are lots of scallops on the seabed in this area."