Our Dartmouth trip was looking ever unlikely as we approached the weekend with gale and near gale winds forecast for the weekend. On the Friday, there was a “Buddy wanted” post on the Vobster Quay Facebook group and as the weekend was thus cancelled, who wouldn’t resist an eleventh hour change of plan and Saturday afternoon at Vobster.

My buddy this afternoon was Karen, having been out of the water for a month, she wanted someone to join her as she practiced some composition shots. “Ooh!” She said on the day. “I’d like a diver for some perspective.” I haven’t been photographed as much since my wedding day! Two great and different dives, a great opportunity to practice buoyancy!

  • Dive one: 50 minutes, maximum depth 24.6m, water temperature 8degC, visibility 2-3m
  • Dive two: 65 minutes, maximum depth 15.4m, water temperature 14degC, visibility 5-6m

Thanks Karen for allowing me to share.