Due to the lurgy earlier in the week, I only managed to dive six of the 12 planned dives and the WWI German Light Cruiser ‘SMS Karlsruhe (II)’ today was a cracking dive to end the week. My buddy today was Sarah Chan.

Following the dive brief, we descended the bow shot line and traversed the deck to the so called ‘shark bite’, the salvage break. No cameras for the dive as again, I was concentrating on the CCR. As we were in the break, out of the darkness came a large while seal. We were warned that he may make an appearance but still, the shock of a mahoosive animal in close quarters was quite a surprise.

We then navigated over the stern and prop, to pop over the stern. There was the teak decking in all its glory. Mesmerised to think who had walked these decks just over 100 years ago. Perhaps the best dive of the week, especially with the seal encounter. Amazing to still see the teak decking on this ship and the brass ‘open/close’ signs, still in situ on the forward gun breaches.

Dive time was just shy of 50 minutes with a maximum depth of 25 metres at the stern. Water temperature was 12degC.

We’re back to Scapa in 2022, so I will make an objective to dive this ship again and bring back photos of the decking.

SMS Karlsruhe II