The SS Clan Macvey had a very short life, having been launched on 25th April 1918 and completed on 23rd July 1918 by Northumberland Shipbuilding Company Limited for The Clan Line Steamers Limited. She was en route to Port Said in Egypt from Newcastle via Falmouth with a cargo of 6,700 tons of coal. She was lost just 16 days later to torpedo by UB57 on 8th August 1918 on her maiden voyage just half a mile South East of Anvil Point.

Lives Lost

Seven lives were lost that day:

  • Ah Pow, Fireman, Hong Kong Memorial.
  • Ah San, Fireman, Hong Kong Memorial.
  • Ah Yong, Fireman, Hong Kong Memorial.
  • Kan Ling, Fireman and Trimmer, Hong Kong Memorial.
  • Kee Ching, Fireman and Trimmer, Hong Kong Memorial.
  • Donald John Alexander Fraser, Age 23, Fifth Engineer Officer, Tower Hill Memorial.
  • John Hogg, Age 30, Second Engineer, Tower Hill Memorial.

The Wreck Today

The first and only time I dived the Clan Macvey was July 2013 with a maximum depth of 19 metres and average 16 metres. She lies virtually upright in about 18 metres, rising up almost 4 metres in places. She is rather flat and sits on soft sand almost up to her deck levels. Visibility not so good at times. A large wreck but heavily dispersed. Her gun still there. A haven for flatfish and shellfish.