RMS Moldavia

Sussex Shipwrecks – P&O Liner – RMS Moldavia

This is day one of a three day visit to Brighton to dive three ships that were sunk by UB57. We will dive out of Brighton Marina with Steve Johnson of Channel Diving. This is the technical diving day. Being a neap weekend, this will allow a longer slack water and bottom time.– Friday 22nd – RMS Moldavia 48mtrs seabed, ropes off 10am diving at 12.45am £70ppToday, the Moldavia lies approximately in the middle of the channel between 28 and 50 meters of water. She lies on her port side with her highest point starting at 28 meters. She is an amazing sight to behold with some of her guns pointing towards the surface. Due to her location and the strong tides that wash over her, visibility is often in excess of 20 meters. Sitting on the stern, a diver can see one third of the entire wreck. There were in excess of 1,000 portholes on this ship and many are still firmly stuck in place. Two guns there point towards the surface. Much of the decking in still in lace at stern on vertical drop to sand and shingle. Other guns amidships in wreckage where torpedo struck.


22 Jul 2022


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Channel Diving - Brighton
Brighton Marina, East Sussex, BN2 5UP


Mark Lewis