Built for Moss Steamship Company Limited of Liverpool by J Blumer and Company, the SS Luxor was about 113 metres in length and 3,571 tons. A defensively-armed British merchant ship built in early 1918, she had a very short life indeed.

The Luxor was only a few weeks old when she met her fate on 19th March 1918. She departed Cherbourg, France leading a small convoy to Barry in Wales, via Weymouth

SS Luxor 1918 Dive Log
Dive log of Nick Chipchase as uploaded to Wrecksite.EU

Her master frustrated at having to travel much slower than the normal speed of 10 knots. At 02.10am, the master saw the wake of an incoming torpedo and ordered the helm hard to port, but the ship could not respond in time. The torpedo struck her on her starboard side and she sank within just three minutes. The crew immediately abandoned ship and were picked up by two escort trawlers. Crew of 40 saved.

Today, the wreck lays on a rocky reef some 62 metres below the surface at 27 miles SW by S of St Catherine’s Point on the Isle of Wight. No photographic records of this vessel seem to exist.